Emission Reduction


Carbon Asset Development

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI) benefit developing countries and economies in transition both financially and economically whilst providing developed nations with a route to abate their carbon emission.

ICIMI originates and develops emission reduction projects in Africa, Asia and the Americas. We believe that the constraint of traditional energy sources hinder economic development, nowhere is this more prevalent than in developing nations.

We provide the vision, finance and best-in-class technology to develop carbon reduction projects, which create value and multiple revenue streams. Our commitment, shown by our willingness to deploy substantial financial resources and technology ensures that we share the risks and rewards with our hosts. Our projects facilitate technological transfer, provide much needed revenue and accelerate the growth of the communities in which we operate. We deliver projects across solar, energy efficiency, waste and biomass solutions.

Our Advantage

We are dedicated to emerging economies. We have significant footprint in Africa and are active in emerging markets of Asian and Americas.

Our affinity with our target markets is one of our core strengths.  We have strong alliances and partnerships with many market participants and possess deep understanding of the CDM and JI implementation processes thus ensuring effective and efficient project life-cycle.

We recognise the challenge and volatility of the market in which we operate, which is why we use the best-in-class risk metrics to assess potential pitfalls and quantify the risk-reward trade-offs on a given project. Our team of consultants and engineers are trained in more than 22 methodologies. Our expert professionals combine global experience with local knowledge to deliver comprehensive solutions to regulatory, environmental and energy policies that may impact a given project.